April 2004 - Musicians’s Promotion Shoot

Cameron Meshell is a musician who recently relocated to Los Angeles from his native Shreveport, Louisiana. He is presently recording his first album. Cameron’s Producer’s chose Yossi to help promote this new star using cool shots that gave the feeling of a documentary. Although Cameron was very confident of the vibe  that he wanted to achieve, it was left to Yossi to interpret his needs into a special look just for Cameron.


- Create a promotional portfolio to both create and capture Cameron’s image
- Achieve the objective on a low budget
Yossi chose the streets of LA’s Melrose Avenue at 4 a.m., to reflect Cameron’s special musical style.
For a more intimate interpretation of Cameron’s style, Yossi then shot at his own home in LA’s San Fernando Valley. Over 500 pictures were taken between 4 a.m. and 12 noon, resulting in a well-balanced, planned portfolio of night, dawn and daylight shots.
To maintain an intimate, personal connection, the shoot only included Yossi and Cameron.

Cameron was featured on the front cover of an exciting spread in the Shreveport Times. The shots are also featured on Cameron’s web site: www.cameronmeshell.com 

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